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Meticulous Electrical Home Inspections Save Money And Lives

When preparing a house to sell, or negotiating one to buy, it’s important to remember that electrical repairs can be costly and sometimes even a deal breaker.

You’re probably facing at least some electrical repairs when a house contains the following:

  • Knob & Tube wiring
  • Aluminum Wiring
  • Fuse panel
  • Evidence of renovations
  • When the house is 30+ years old

It is important for agents and buyers alike to consider these wiring conditions when negotiating price. A general house inspection looks at numerous components and systems such as windows, plumbing, the roof and furnace etc. However, a home electrical inspection is specialized and far more in-depth.


A sample of what is inspected includes:

  • Exterior hydro service including the stack and meter base
  • Electrical panel and any sub-panels and look for correct wire and breaker size
  • Electrical wiring to see if there is knob and tube, aluminum wiring, or ungrounded circuits
  • Electrical junctions safely secured, exposed wiring that pose safety and fire hazard
  • Electrical protection in the vicinity of water
  • Functioning safety devices like smoke/CO detectors, Arc Fault breakers
  • Check whether the circuits at the panel are accurately labeled

When you invest in a proper home electrical inspection both you and your client will walk away informed, and with a realistic picture of the condition of the electrical system. This will help your client avoid underestimating the cost of electrical repairs once they have possession.

Contact Kirsch Electric for a home electrical inspection or a pre-listing electrical inspection. We will partner with you and provide a detailed 24 point inspection report that you can take to the negotiating table, as well as an estimate for the cost of repairs.

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