Service & Repair

Do you feel unsafe about your existing electrical system? Have you experienced intermittent power, hear a sizzling sound?

Fast Accurate Diagnosis & Repair

At Kirsch Electrical we provide a whole home electrical inspection. This inspection includes an examination of key electrical components like the electrical panel as well as spot checks of receptacles, switches and light fixtures. Our specialized testing tools reveal below-the-surface details as our technicians conduct a thorough examination of the health of your electrical system.

If problems are detected, our technicians explain the problem and offer an appropriate solution with its associated cost. With the homeowner’s authorization, our technicians quickly get to work.

Contact us today for help with:

  • Troubleshooting (actions)
  • Clean up wiring (actions)
  • Exposed or damaged wires (problem)
  • Outdated wiring (problem)
  • Power surges (problem)
  • Intermittent power (problem)
  • Frequent circuit breaker trips (problem)
  • Faulty switches (problem)
  • Overloaded circuits (problem)
  • Service panel issues (problem)
  • And more! (problem)

When your electric system has stopped working, you want it fixed quickly and correctly. Our goal is to deliver superior quality, dependable and efficient electrical service at competitive rates. Our ESA licensed technicians make scheduling every service call the highest priority.