Multiple Meters

Sharing Hydro Expense

Are you seeking to create one or more legal rental units? Are you looking to separate an existing residence into 2 or more units?

Responsibilities for homeowners and investors become much more manageable when tenants have a self-contained, legal rental unit where they pay their own hydro bills. If any billing issues arise, tenants are directly responsible to the utility provider. If a breaker trips, tenants go directly to their electrical panel located in their suite and reset the breaker. Greater accountability to the tenant means less stress for the homeowner and investor.

What We Provide

At Kirsch Electric we do the homework for homeowners. We provide a load calculation taking into consideration all electrical demands for the property. Once we know the electrical demand, the electrical service for the property is then sized to meet this demand. The result is that each unit becomes a legal rental unit having its own meter and electrical panel that meets Electrical Safety Authority requirements.

Just a few easy steps and you’re underway to a more manageable property:


  • You obtain a Zoning Verification Certificate and Building Permit from City Hall (if needed)
  • After you obtain and accept Kirsch Electric’s quote, we contact the service area utility company to request a survey, otherwise known as a service layout form (SLF), be completed
  • Once the electrical upgrades have been approved by the utility company, you are required to request from the utility company that an additional billing account be created
  • We complete the electrical work along with all necessary inspections and you receive a certificate of inspection from ESA.

Contact Kirsch Electric now for a no-charge, no-obligation electrical estimate.