Renovations Made Easy

There are many indoor or outdoor electrical projects that allow you to do more with the space you have. We will partner with you to make these spaces functional while simultaneously reflecting your unique personal style. That new oasis is now within reach of becoming reality!

Our customer base relies on us for our expertise when it comes to:

  • Kitchen renovations
  • Basement renovations
  • Additions
  • Pool and spa wiring
  • Lighting upgrades
  • And more!

It’s All in the Details

It is common to become overwhelmed with all the decisions that renovations require; this is where we can help. We partner with homeowners at the pre-construction phase to go over the plans for renovation, and if no electrical drawings are available we can provide them for you. Our goal is to understand your dream for the renovation and to provide you with the results to make this possible.

The electrical portion of your renovation has its own unique considerations; we will guide you through all the decisions that have to be made and explain the process each step of the way.

New Build

Kirsch Electric has the know-how and experience with new builds and commercial spaces. Upon receiving your drawings, we can provide you with an estimate of electrical work. Over the years we have built a network of builders, renovators, designers and suppliers that we rely on for expertise and results.

What We Provide

At Kirsch Electric we provide a detailed estimate of cost free of charge. We strive to keep lines of communication open with the homeowner and related trades throughout the renovation. The result is that there are seldom any surprises, and everyone is on the same page in terms of timing. We secure and schedule all electrical permits and inspections.

Panel Upgrades

Still have an old fuse panel? Is your existing electrical panel crowded by additional electrical fuse boxes? Planning a major renovation? Have a Federal Pioneer electrical panel?

If you answered yes, it is likely time for an upgrade to a safer breaker panel.

The Bad News

Old fuse panels, including newer Federal Pioneer panels, have outlived their usefulness and instead have become a safety hazard. It is common to see signs of deterioration on the inside. It is also common to see multiple wires on a fuse terminal, indicating an obvious lack of expansion for additional circuits. Outdated panels have limitations on available space and are in substandard condition; they need to be changed.

The Good News

A panel change or whole home service upgrade has never been easier. At Kirsch Electric we provide the expertise and competitive pricing to replace your unsafe electrical equipment with new, safer equipment. We make all arrangements with the local hydro utility and with the Electrical Safety Authority. You receive the new installation and a certificate of inspection. In some instances, homeowners qualify for an insurance discount (see your insurance provider for details).


Every room in your home deserves beautiful lighting. Attractive home lighting fixtures are what make your space functional, inviting and unique. The addition or upgrade of lights creates brighter spaces and enhances the appearance and comfort of today’s homes.

Our residential lighting options are decorative yet durable and practical.  We offer the option of wireless, electronic lighting controls, dimmers, recessed luminaires, ballasts, and a variety of lamp technologies and fixtures for home settings.  Our ESA licensed technicians can help you create the perfect lighting plan for your home.  Learn more about recessed lighting, LEDs, and under counter lighting below.

Recessed Lighting (Pot Lights)

Recessed lighting refers to fixtures that are set into ceilings or walls. With little or no profile, LED recessed lighting is ideal for both high or low ceilings and especially low ceilings often found in basement areas. Fully dimmable, these cost-effective lights provide effective ambient and accent illumination for both residential and commercial use. Recessed lighting offers a clean, streamlined look in a home. It can increase the amount of light in a room, highlight artwork or other special features, and open up spaces so they look and feel bigger.

Under Counter Lighting

Under counter lighting provides ambience as well as task lighting. At Kirsch Electric we provide linear LED strip fixtures with a low profile. These are cut to length to suite any cabinet dimension. We also provide LED puck lights that are surface mounted or recessed. Fully dimmable, these fixtures provide the highest lumens per square foot.

Exterior Soffit Lights

Few improvements make a positive impact on curb appeal like exterior pot lights. Installing soffit mounted LED pot lights easily makes your house stand out from the neighbors and makes you the envy of the block. Soffit pot lights greatly improve landscaping at night while at the same time improving home security. A well-lit exterior is a visible deterrent for break-ins.

Call Kirsch Electric now for a no-charge, no-obligation estimate and take that first step to a brighter and safer home.

Don’t Forget About Switching

It is worthwhile to consider how and when lights are to turn on. For example, lighting in areas with low traffic may best be controlled by occupancy sensors; lights turn on and off automatically. Lighting levels in TV rooms can be controlled with a dimmer. Exterior lights can be switched with a photocell and/or timer. At Kirsch Electric we offer a variety of dimmers, sensors, timers and daylight sensing controls to help you manage light levels as well as hydro costs.

Multiple Meters

Sharing Hydro Expense

Are you seeking to create one or more legal rental units? Are you looking to separate an existing residence into 2 or more units?

Responsibilities for homeowners and investors become much more manageable when tenants have a self-contained, legal rental unit where they pay their own hydro bills. If any billing issues arise, tenants are directly responsible to the utility provider. If a breaker trips, tenants go directly to their electrical panel located in their suite and reset the breaker. Greater accountability to the tenant means less stress for the homeowner and investor.

What We Provide

At Kirsch Electric we do the homework for homeowners. We provide a load calculation taking into consideration all electrical demands for the property. Once we know the electrical demand, the electrical service for the property is then sized to meet this demand. The result is that each unit becomes a legal rental unit having its own meter and electrical panel that meets Electrical Safety Authority requirements.

Just a few easy steps and you’re underway to a more manageable property:


  • You obtain a Zoning Verification Certificate and Building Permit from City Hall (if needed)
  • After you obtain and accept Kirsch Electric’s quote, we contact the service area utility company to request a survey, otherwise known as a service layout form (SLF), be completed
  • Once the electrical upgrades have been approved by the utility company, you are required to request from the utility company that an additional billing account be created
  • We complete the electrical work along with all necessary inspections and you receive a certificate of inspection from ESA.

Contact Kirsch Electric now for a no-charge, no-obligation electrical estimate.